We think its time that some of the issues facing democracy were approached from a completely new angle. What if the people asked to solve some of these problems were not MPs? What if they were designers, artists and architects? What if instead of legal and political solutions, there were creative ones? If we were to start afresh, how would we do things differently?

In 2009 we setup Common of Houses: No Expense Spared which asked for creative soloutions to the MP's housing system. During that competition it became clear that most entrants were keen to see other aspects of politics redesigned. Therefore in 2010 we again asked creatives to come up with interesting soloutions to political problems and turn their eyes to voting systems and how elections work.

To see the results of these two competitions follow the links below. To be kept informed of future Common of Houses projects then follow us on twitter.


A competition to design creative solutions to the MP's two home expense problem.

[Competition Closed 22 July 2009]


A competition to redesign the voting system.

[Competition closed 19 April 2010]


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