_in New York City

Glasgow Airport- 17th September 2004: Following a moderately enjoyable breakfast scotia and gav look out the window and pretend to not notice their photos are getting taken.


Celebrating their arrival at Philadelphia Airport, scotia and gav decide to drink some overpriced beer..


Alburt photographs a distant Philadelphia skyline from the departure lounge..


Gav looks very happy about something. Alburt reads a paper.


Here are some of our fellow travel comrades who loved the camera attention.


We arrive in New York in high spirits.


Scotia feels inspired to strike a pose and contemplates life at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Gav pulls one of his legendary funny faces.


As a starter to an Indian meal in the East Village someone accidentally ordered an inflated poppadom.


We pass a police station on our way to a house party in Williamsburg.


Some locals have made their feelings felt... or is it possibly some extremely self critical policemen or women unhappy with their role in society?


The amazing Padna! Their were three bands playing at the house party. First up was one man band Padna with an assortment of instruments- some of which were taped to his feet. A very interesting performance.


The headline act for the night had a very unique front women. We were unsure what exactly she was singing/screaming about but her intense performance was particularly appreciated by Alburt who received some personal attention from her.


James (our gracious host for our stay in Brooklyn) introduced us to the wonder that is Colt45- an economy beer served in an oversized bottle


He also introduced us to SPARKS. Jason was a big fan or this caffeinated alcoholic drink. This is what 500ml of the stuff can do to you.

  Somebody calls a taxi for Jason.

  James shows Scotia the best way to drink Bud- very very quickly.

  One evening while wandering about Manhattan we discovered a singing dog in Times Square. There was also a cat with a cardigan on but we were unsure what her contribution to the act was.

  Uncle Steve loved us. We loved Uncle Steve.

  The Empire State building can be seen from James' living room in Brooklyn.

  We voyage over into Manhattan.

  Gav appears slightly awkward when confronted with a large bull's arse and testicles.

  Later that night somewhere in the East Village we meet up with Jane and Missy to drink frozen Margaritas.

  Before heading home we stumble across a miniature homey dispenser. For just 50c each you can collect a posse of homeys, pimps and prostitutes.

  Early the following morning a few of us decided to climb the water tower on James' apartment building in Brooklyn to watch the sunrise.

  An elaborate web of clothes line held the ladder insecurely in place.

  The view that awaited us atop the tower turned out to be worth the risk of death. [Click on the image to view the full panoramic]

  Between 21-28th September Hole in my Pocket were in St. Louis, Missouri.

  We arrive back in New York to find it a bit cold and pishing with rain.

  The next morning Gav and Scotia awake to find that Stinky the cat is feeling a bit lonely following the departure of his cat buddy, Stanley.

  Its a white cat and some Scottish guy with a beard.

  Gav and Alburt get on a boat and go visit Liberty.

  Andy Goldsworthy had built some wooden things on the roof of the Met.

  The impressive Manhattan skyline as seen from the Empire State Building.

  Everything looks pretty small from this high up. One of the things we learnt during our 5 years of further education was that this was due to something called 'perspective'.

  Unfortunately Alburt had to leave for Scotland the following day- something about seeing a man about a dog? In his absence, Gav and Scotia decided to walk across a big Bridge. [Click on the image for the full panoramic]

  And so we come to the end. After two fantastically fun weeks it was time to pack our bags and head off home. Thanks to all of those we met- you were braw company. Come to Scotland sometime soon.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2005