03 library money

Feeling a bit flash with what little cash we had, we decided to celebrate our Pigeonhole City competition win by placing £1 notes in public library books.

Although the financial advantages of such a find are minimal, possibly equating to an overpriced king sized Mars Bar and a Swiggles Mega Lollipop, holeinmypocket hoped that in a very small way it would bring a little bit of joy to someone's life.

As a result of one such find in Jeeves Omnibus by P.G. Wodehouse, we received a kind email from a web designer offering us assistance with our website. Although he was happy to have found the note he said he was ok for cash and had decided to place the money in another book.





holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


a scottish £1 note.

Hillhead Library, Glasgow.

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