04 great glasgow treasure trail

Organised and run by holeinmypocket to coincide with Scotland's Architecture Week, the Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt combined some of the city's most popular architectural attractions along with a few that are a little less known.

The event took much coordination with the various destinations that agreed to be involved and The Lighthouse. It was vital that the trail be free to enter and complete. For this reason we negotiated free or reduced entry to any of the destinations that charged. Where this was not possible the clues were placed in areas that were without charge.

A series of hand drawn and painted posters were designed and reproduced for several of the destinations in order to promote the Treasure Trail. At each destination a clue would be on display that would invite the participant to interact with his/her surroundings in order to progress to the next stop on the trail.

The trail proved to be a great success with a large number of people of all age groups taking part. We had encouraging feedback from many who took part and also lots of interest from people requesting to be informed of further Treasure Trails. We hope to build on the success of the first trail but unfortunately this year we were unable to organise Treasure Trail 2 due to other work commitments. There's always next year.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


holeinmypocket designed posters for the event.
[click on image to view posters]

they promoted the event at several destinations.

a map was made to show the trail destinations.

a note of interest for a second treasure trail.

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