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Two Scottish lads, one old airline hostess trolley full of wine, traveling around Scotland, meeting people, gathering stories and having adventures.

In January '02 we were asked to propose an exhibition piece for the Rotterdam Bienalle exploring the issues of mobility and sustainability in Scotland.

We decided to take an old airline hostess trolley, symbolising mobility, on a voyage around Scotland in order to reach the Island of St Kilda, the most isolated place in the British Isles and once home to a community rendered unsustainable after becoming reliant on seasonal tourism and outside goods. (For further information on St. Kilda go to www.kilda.org.uk)

We traveled from Post Office to Post Office, towards St Kilda, taking Polaroid photographs of ourselves, which we addressed, stamped and sent home as records of our progress. We travelled mainly by train but also used buses, taxi's, ferries and the occasional hitched lift. Our route took us up the east coast of Scotland to the northerly Orkney Isles, and back down the west coast where at Oban we attempted to arrange transport to St. Kilda.

The main purpose of the journey was to discuss the bienalle theme with people at a local level- issues of local transport, accessibility, loss of local crafts, reliance on foreign investment and the changing nature of a more mobile yet increasingly socially isolated society.

The process was documented on film, audio cassette and through daily diaries. Unable to secure viable transport to the Island we were forced to reach a compromise. On Day 10 of our travels we collated the stories of the people we had met and documented, placed them in an empty wine bottle and released them off the coast of Oban, the point closest to St. Kilda we were able to reach. We are unsure of the bottles whereabouts. If you find it please let us know.

In spring 2004 Seanchaidh was a central part of our month residency exhibition at the Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


our old Sabena Airline hostess trolley.
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polaroid picture taken outside thurso post office.
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a short movie trailer of our travels. (wmv)
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life on the road - with an air hostess trolley

paul: studying religion through distance learning.

messages in a bottle, oban.

sketch proposal for exhibition piece.

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