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[Pure Passion - Channel 4]

Alburt was selected to make a 3 Minute Film for Channel 4 for a series called Pure Passion. The film was shot on location at a newly opened falconry centre in Dumfries and Galloway. The all star cast includes hawks, owls, swallows, dogs and ferrets. It was shown twice on Channel 4 in late 2005.


Pure Passion

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Ideas Factory

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"The Biscuits"

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"Photo Me"

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the chateau, bridge street, glasgow.
[click on the image to view photos from the night]

fame at last for alburt

[Channel 4 Ideas Factory]

Two short film pieces about people within the creative industries were made for Channel 4's Ideas Factory website. The first was about the clothing label Dense and the second was about us- a wee bit of self promotion. For further information about Ideas Factory please visit their website.

[depict film competition]

The Biscuits and Photo Me were filmed on the same day at Glasgow Queen Street Station to be entered to the DepicT Film Competition which challenges budding international filmmakers to make a world beating micro-movie of up to 90 seconds long. Special thanks must go to our good friend Aitch who took time out of filming in the Czech Republic to star in both pieces.


This short trailer, filmed during our travels around Scotland with an air hostess trolley, provides a brief introduction to the project. For further information on Seanchaidh click here.

[the chateau]

On the 6th November an audience of around 200 watched the Seanchaidh trailer at The Chateau on Bridge Street, Glasgow, Scotland. The venue is "a semi derelict factory taken over by a group of artists who are all doing interesting things." (Art Review)

The trailer was well recieved as part of the dozen short film pieces which were chosen for the mise-en-scene evening. A good night was had by all.



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