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Between the 1st - 22nd of May 2004, Hole in my Pocket exhibed their most recent work in an exhibition entitled Seanchaidh. Projects included:

Seanchaidh - Two Scottish lads, one air hostess trolley full of wine, travelling around Scotland, meeting people, gathering stories and having adventures. This is their tale.

Luxury - Proposals for a series of interventions along the ScotRail network which explore the notion of luxury in contemporary society.

The Art of the Storyteller - A celebration of the myths, legends and folklore in Scotland. Ten monuments designed around tales received from people throughout the country.

Carnival Road - A series of models, posters and paintings inspired by the idea of an Inner City Zoo in Glasgow's Merchant City.

The exhibition ran from the 1st - 22nd May 2004 and attracted over 760 visitors.

The Seanchiadh exhibition is funded by The Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow City Council


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