_Gav Tribute Page

There were many people deserving of praise for their help during our spell in the Intermedia Gallery. None more so than our good friend Mr Gav Bell seen here hiding behind a column.


5 seconds later, and still hiding behind the column: Gav helped in run up to the opening, provided numerous good sounds on the night, kept us company during the typically slow saturdays, and was instrumental in the taking down of the exhibits. What a top chap.


Gav ventures into the stark exhibit free gallery.


Moments later he oversees alburt's quality of work acting as a strangely quiet yet authoritative project manager.


And so we come to the opening night. The arty stuff was up on the wall, half the wine had been drunk already by the bar staff and gav creating mass joy behind his system of musical noise.


Seen at the far right of shot gav eagerly awaits a challenger for the daily board game challenge.


The following week, and still wearing his excellent orange t-shirt (washed) gav inspects some empty bottles on top of the famous air hostess trolley.


It wasn't along (about 3 weeks say) until it all had to be taken down and packed away. Known locally for his generosity, Gav kindly agreed to give up his sunny saturday and drive a van for the day.


Gav rose like a helium balloon being propelled by a big fan thing to the challenge of packaging the rather large map of Scotland


Taking time out to photograph people taking photographs. Many of the photos taken on the opening night were taken by Gav. He gave all of them to us for free!


Gav moonwalks for your pleasure. movie file - 5.8mb mov


Once everything was taken down from the walls and packed safely away, it was time to load up our rickety hire van. Due to one half of Hole in my Pocket not knowing how to drive and the other half misplacing his license, we had to plead with Gav to act as driver for the day. Thankfully he agreed.


Were we pissed off that it was a beautifully warm sunny day and we were driving about in a crap van loading and unloading heavy objects- what do you think?


Later that day we returned to the gallery for the final clean up. One of the last task was to take down the clusters of dangling plastic bottles. It took Gerry and Ann hours to put them up (thankyou both), and Gav about 10mins to hack them down.


Some were harder than others to reach.


Being well aware of Gav's supreme athleticism, Hole in my Pocket knew they'd enlisted the right man for the job.


Like a pro basketball player, Gav manages some extraordinary airtime to try and chop down the last couple of bottles. movie file - 1.71mb avi


With some random bits of leftover wood we decided to build a a jenga style tower- just for fun.


With the gallery cleared, jenga tower constructed and levitating message in a bottle for the next exhibitors in place, it was time for a few last photo's before setting off home in the darkness of the night. Thanks for your efforts Gav!


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