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"Glasgow School of Art is the inaugral launch pad for CUBOBIANCO, a totally off white galleria with a nice floor and lush light. Over the period from the first exhibition on 9th July 2004 till freshers week on 20th September 2004,there will be a series of 8 exhibitions changing on an almost weekly basis.Live art performances and a comments video booth will coincide with the nightclubs making an excellent environment for experimental live art."_ [Clare Crines, Cubobianco]

Following our exhibition at the Intermedia Gallery we were to submit several pieces for the Cubobianco gallery which runs for 8weeks over the summer at the Glasgow School of Art.

Located in what is usually the cloakroom for the art school club nights, the finely spruced up space displays the work of over 16 artists hand picked by the gallery's curator, Clare Crines.

Hole in my Pocket work on show includes sketches, paintings, interactive pieces as well as a few bits of madness.

For further info see www.cubobianco.com


holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


cubobianco, vic cafe, glasgow school of art.
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the infamous monkey trap.

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