15 Common of Houses - No Expense Spared

In response to the Members of Parliament (MP) expenses scandal that dominated the press during 2009, Hole in my Pocket set up a competition to find a creative solution to the problem of MP dual abodes.

The competition received a large number of diverse entries, a shortlist of which were judged in the summer of 2009 by a prestigious panel including Ruth Reed (RIBA President), Keiran Long (AJ Editor) and Ken Livingston (Former Mayor of London).

The winner was announced in August 2009 as glasgow based architects Jude Barber and Phil Zoechbauer of Collective Architecture. A nationwide tour to exhibit the work started in December 2009.

The competition proved so popular, it became the first in a trilogy of projects, with the second (2010) subtitled 'Electoral Reform' exploring voting methods.

For further information on the brief, submissions, winner and project updates please go to the dedicated Common of Houses Website.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2010


dark days at westminster.

alburt with the judges at aj headquarters.

a snippet from the winning entry

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