16 University of Strathclyde Workshop

In November 2009 Hole in my Pocket were asked to present their work and hold a workshop with the entire First Year at the School of Architecture, University of Strathclyde.

I highly informative, and in places, hilariously funny, presentation was followed by a mini-workshop to get the students out and about in the city, to think, experiment and then present the results to their peers during a quickfire slideshow involving all 100 or so students.

We were highly impressed with the results from the students, and equally amazed that they refrained from heckling us during our presentation.

The results of the workshop have been made into a booklet ready for inclusion in the end of year exhibition, June 2010.

A print quality version of the book can be downloaded here as a pdf (9mb) or click on the following link to look at some pictures of the finished article.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2010


hole in my pocket returned to their old school.

they shared their views on architecture and architects

then set a little workshop task for the students.

and finally made a little booklet of their efforts.

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