Hole in my Pocket return to the Arches with a new exhibition on religion.
10 September - 14 October.

Returning to the Arches for the first time since their successful, eponymous exhibition as part of the Glasgow International in 2005, which focused on moments of everyday life, “Hole in my Pocket” now turn their attention onto the slippery and dangerous topic of religion.

With the Pope coming to Glasgow in September 2010, it seemed like a good time to open that divisive question of religion and see what could be found. Our current generation say they have no religion, in a 2006 Guardian poll 63% of people said they were not religious. Hole in my Pocket have therefore set out to steal all the best bits from other religions and form a new religion of their own - Himptology.

"It will be a democratic religion based around the ideas of creativity (not creation) and part of their new Arches exhibition will focus on audience interaction, asking where mainstream religion has been going wrong and calling for suggestions for what a new 21C belief system could entail."

As well as the main exhibition, the bosy of the work focused on a series of three unusual social events which were great fun and rather unique and exciting experiences. The events, entitled “Hole in my Pocket: The Sunday Service”, used the framework of a traditional Church service to present talks and performance exploring creativity and a celebration of the urge to make.

Each week 5 guests gave 'Sermons' about their Creative Practice, Eilidh MacAskill led us on her ukuele to 80's classics and there was a surprise musical star, ranging from a 40 piece Bluegrass Choir to a performing duo singing a song about cats miowing. Acting as 'minister' for the event, theatre maker, Gary McNair kep us all entertained by threading all the different strands of the day together. We even convereted a few new believers. (With water pistols.)

It was a huge bit of fun and we look forward to taking HIMPTOLOGY to new venues soon.

holeinmypocket, 2002-2012


the himp commandments
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religious diagrams
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drawings of a religious nature
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Godwins Law
Godwins Law states that the first person to mention Hitler or the Nazis in an internet arguement loses the arguement. The following film is a real discussion from the IMDB.com between Theists and Atheists about Jurrasic Park.
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the pope

the arches
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a sunday service
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