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Scott Airlie was born in Glasgow aged 0. Since then he has grown and aged accordingly, retaining a youthful innocence despite a receding hairline. He has become well known in recent times for his partial beard creation which he nurtured during a three month spell in the Arizona desert.

Scott's education started with nursery school where he learned to paint with his fingers. After being accepted to further his education at a primary school in the Glasgow suburbs he flourished as a pupil well known for his anonymity.

It wasn't soon (approximately seven years) before the suburban Glaswegian progressed to a comprehensive secondary school. Here he would prove his supporters right and complete five Higher Grade exams before leaving for slightly better things.

Scott was destined to study Architecture at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Bravely venturing into the world of further education at the age of seventeen (although his physical appearance suggested that he may be only twelve) he found there were many hurdles to overcome- such as getting served alcoholic beverage in the Student's Union.

There were several high points during his five years of academic study- finishing was just one of them. Others included a four month study exchange to Brno in the Czech Republic which instigated an interest in the architecture of the Communist era as well as a love of the local beer.

During his first year out before returning to complete his diploma, Scott travelled to Arcosanti in the Arizona desert to aid in the planning and construction of Paulo Soleri's arcology. Here he lived in an 8ft concrete cube, sharing it with cockroaches, scorpions and the occasional chicken. Any rumours of romantic involvement with any of the aforementioned are wholly unsubstantiated.

Returning to Glasgow in September of 2002, Scott began a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Architectural Studies at the University of Strathclyde. This was to take slightly longer than expected due to a temporary loss of clarity during the spring of 2003. Turning a negative into a positive, like some mad scientist, Scott graduated in October 2003 and along with a trusted friend and colleague secured a one month exhibition of there work between April and May 2004. He was also announced winner of the AJ Cedric Price Memorial competition for his submission as part of SA+BM [Scott Airlie+Brian McGinlay] for the design of a series of rubber stamps.

Having left the deep fried mars bar and irn-bru rich lands of Scotland behind, Scott spent four years munching jellied eels in London, the cockney capital of Great Britain. Swapping the eels for snails, top hats for stripey tops and the Queen for Carla Bruni, Scott now resides in Paris, France.




pointing at a closed down eastend snack bar.

first day at primary school.

1989: a dramatic 4th place in the bean bag race.

underage drinking is despicable.

unusual sight of water in a czech pint glass.

a young brno4 during their european tour.

a home for three months- an 8ft concrete cube.

SA+BM win the Cedric Price Memorial Competition.

indoor golf at gleneagles hotel in a kilt.

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