11 luxury

critique: We have reached a point where luxury negates itself and now becomes that of the absurd. It has lost its true essence as it becomes further diluted by its desire to become a commodity like any other, produced en-masse and sold for profit.

reinterpret: The task is to reinterpret luxury as something more than stuff, where there is a belief in the existence of a spiritual comfort that transcends that which is may be experienced through the acquisition of material goods.

propose: The conclusion of this manifests itself at nine sites scattered throughout the Scotrail Railway network where an intervention is proposed at a particular station which refers directly to a personal experience of that site. These luxury interventions include the journey itself, the sunsetting over Lochalsh and listening to the sea crash of the Mallaig coastline.



holeinmypocket, 2004


diploma presentation, university of strathclyde.
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peep hole perspex montage.

drawings for coastline follies.

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