04 sketchbook

Ruminations, thoughts, half baked ideas and things that amused me at the time. Thats what you'll find here.

Its like an irregularly kept diary.

10.06.05 - rome

07.03.05 - mobile phones

06.12.04 - christmas cheer

20.07.04 - norway

09.03.04 - wait to weight

08.03.04 - Paris

01.03.04 - My leap day







Found Photos

A collection of photos that I have found in the street.

Dazed and Confused

Big bad Bush. A set of posters and letters sent to good old Mr Bush and his buddy Mr Blair

Letters to People

I write people letters, they write back. Sometimes they send me free stuff. Aren't people nice.


A short film about our day in Troon waiting for a wedding. [0.5mb wmv]

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