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Competition Brief: "The Lighthouse and GLAS invite students of architecture to submit a proposal for an intervention that would be left in or become part of a space or building, a messaging system on architecture, its issues, events and objects."

Mpf is an interactive project comprising of a network of small black sketchbooks that pass between complete strangers. The main aim of mpf is to provide a forum for discussion, ideas and opinions through all creative means.

Essentially our role in the project is administrative. The success of mpf depends on the participation of others- on those that find the books and then leave for others to find.

After winning the Pigeonhole City competition, holeinmypocket secured additional funding from The Lighthouse which enabled the expansion of the project to a global scale.

Since February 2002 over seventy mpf books have been released in twelve different languages all over the globe. For further information visit:



holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


mass production of mpf books.

books prior to global dispatch.

book #21 - left on a park bench, glasgow, scotland.

an entry to book #62 by 'james', nov02.

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