02 missing presumed found [exhibition]

Following our win and subsequent funding for the progression of the project, we were invited by The Lighthouse to exhibit in the observation room of the recently refurbished Lighthouse building originally designed by famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie MacIntosh.

Due to the relatively secluded location of the room (only accessed by lift) we decided to create a fantasy 'office' for those behind the creation of mpf- this included writing desk, travel typewriter and hat stand complete with two bowler hats.

By this point the project had become locally known through numerous newspaper and magazine articles, but the people behind it were still a mystery.

Our entry to the competition was marked anonymous on account of our belief that the focus of mpf should be on those who participate and contribute to it, opposed to those who started it.

The exhibition furthered the intrigue of the project, relying on a mixture of factual material and urban myth constructed around the idea of it's illusive creators.

The exhibition ran from June-November 2002.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


mpf hats and hat stand.
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various clues to mpf's identity hung from the ceiling.

magazine + newspapers containing articles on mpf.

mpf's writing bureau.

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