14 See Scotland

"See Scotland is a group exhibition of emerging artists who have responded to Scotland as a notion and as reality. Ancient, urban, domestic, kitsch and fabled conceptions of Scotland are addressed in this ambitious show. Featuring Juliana Capes, Anna Copland, Cath Keay, Hole in my Pocket, Branden Koch, Nic Newton, Digby Maass, Stuart McCaffer, Paul Reeves, Norma Thallon and Michael Vissochi."_

The inspiration behind our 2004 Seanchaidh exhibition, an old air-hostess trolley, has been dusted off and taken to Kilmarnock to form Hole in my Pocket's part in the See Scotland exhibition.

The trolley which has travelled the length and breadth of Scotland, and almost certainly beyond, now has another destination to add to its story.

The exhibition runs from 19th June - 21st August 2005 in the Main Gallery of the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock.

Click here for further info on the Dick Institute.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2009


the dick institute, kilmarnock, scotland.
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this way to the main gallery

wee seanchaidh in the far corner

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