21 The Universe is very large, you are very small, act accordingly

Hole in my Pocket return to the Arches with a new commissioned series of work for the Glasgow International 2012. We also have designed a series of performance events, details below.
02 April - 31 May 2012.

Taking direction from the GI's programme "Real Time" Hole in my Pocket explore the experience of time from a macro/micro view point. Trying to understand the concept of "the moment"/ "the present" when viewed against the enormous background history of the Universe.

"We believe that we possess too little time; this is the myth we all now live by. What is true is that we are awash in things, in information, in news, in the old rubble and shiny new toys of our complex civilization, and perhaps stuff means speed. We have lost our pace, our connection, our position in the Universe; we can no longer see the stars. The wave patterns of all our facts and choices flow and crash about us at a heightened frequency. Meanwhile we continue to live in the buzz of the Light Age. We wish to live intensely, and we wonder about the consequences.

There are two directions that the accepting of our 'real time' can send us, either into collective unity or individual hedonism. Which shall we choose?"

The work includes a series of new prints exploring different concepts of time and a set of four installations. These again work on a macro/ mirco approch and include a secret room which is accessed by appointment only.

Hole in my Pocket's previous work has repeatedly focused on inter-connections with time/ stories as the fourth dimension and the title of this show is lifted from one of the commandments from our HIMPTOLOGY exhibition which exlpored ideas of belief and belonging.

A set of four dining / performance events, curated with theatre maker Gary McNair. For £9.95 you get a three course meal and a series of talks and experiences exploring the concept of the moment.
21 April/ 26 April @ 5:30pm and two events in May dates tbc. For more info visit here.


holeinmypocket, 2002-2012


Waiting for No Man
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'the present' = the moment where choices are formed [Click image for more info]

exploring concepts of time
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a stopped clock

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