12 cedric price memorial competition

brief: "Architects, students, engineers and others are invited to contribute entries to an open competition marking the life and work of Cedric Price (1934-2003). This is an ideas competition for an appropriate memorial, to be devised in the spirit with which price himself might have undertaken such a project."

intro: “The introduction of the red London bus on drawings is increasingly useful to us as designers – the stamp [when placed on a drawing] realises the openness we want to achieve as prescribed by the scale. It introduces urban constrictions of siting and operation.”

design: SA+BM's entry proposed a catalogue of rubber stamps which could be used on almost any architectural drawing in a similar way to the aforementioned red bus. The purpose in this instance would be to realise the changing nature and use of space through time, both cyclitic and linear.



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price using a present from SA+BM.
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001_cedric_price rubber stamp.

a stamp on a conventional drawing.

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